AMM felicitates Ms. Vedangi Kulkarni

Vedangi Kulkarni is a 19 year old cyclist who will attempt to be the fastest woman to circumnavigate the world unsupported, by bicycle. After cycling across the Himalayas solo at the age of 17, she got carried away by this freedom and her journey into the world of adventure cycling began, when she moved into another country for her undergraduate education. At 18, she managed to cycle the length of the UK without much money and inadequate kit in the month of April, self supported, and that adventure followed by her registering herself for cycling London-Edinburgh-London 2017. During this was when she actually realised her dream of cycling around the world and breaking the current record.

The plan is to cycle up to 200 miles per day and make it around the world within 100 days, starting in June 2018 both setting off and finishing in Perth, Australia.

She has begun a campaign, called #StepUpAndRideOn to promote the importance of being brave, facing your fears and conquering them in order to grow as an individual. In essence, this is to promote a new generation of adventurers who find their limits and break them time and time again. (Excerpt from her web page)

Vedangi was doing an overnight stay in Adelaide on 30th July, when AMM knew about it, our volunteers quickly initiated a small felicitations event and family dinner function for her and her family. She was encouraged for her future journey. The event was also graced by Mr. Sushil Hegishte, Mr. Amol Bhingarde, Mr. Durgadas Naik, Mr. Gaonkar, Mr. Dilip Kulkarni and others from Marathi community.

Special thanks to AMM treasurer Mr. Prashant Jagadale for hosting the guests at their residence.

Vedangi started her next leg of her journey on 31st July. Her leg will be from Adelaide to Mount Gambier. We all wish her best luck.